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Spoonbill Nest Innovation Center


It is a newly founded non-profit VET Centre focused on vocational education training and society building, to give young people the opportunity to study and work in Albania. 

The VET Centre will offer programs in Tourism, Hospitality, and Restaurant Management, as well as IT and Language studies. We will offer courses in sustainable tourism, tour guide and travel agent training, adventure based counseling, ITC competence, digital marketing & sales, customer experience management, project management, and HR management. Our initial offerings include informal professional courses, as we build a curriculum that offers certification to our graduates and implement an internship program through Elite Travel Group’s network of tourism and hospitality partners throughout Albania and abroad.

In partnership with Elite Academy, which has been engaged in onsite and online teaching since 2018, we will enhance our course portfolio to address the urgent need to educate both youth and adults with practical skills to meet the needs of Albanian employers. To this end, Elite Travel Group and Elite Academy are cooperating with Albanian state VET Schools, as well as international vocational and university programs in the areas of IT, Sustainability, and Tourism.

About Us


Building on the established programs of our partner VET Schools, focusing on Tourism, Hospitality & Restaurant Management, we will operate a program that provides an opportunity to learn from established VET School managers and educators in developed European Tourism Areas. This will enable our teachers to use up-to-date didactical methods, founded on international benchmarks, to build a state-of-the-art curriculum.
Finally, Spoonbill Nest Innovation Centre students shall receive the opportunity to not only enjoy practical learning through internships in Albanian corporations but to familiarize themselves with European Standards at internships with our European partners, gaining skills and knowledge they can apply at home in Albania.

In addition to our student curricula, we will also offer Training of Teacher (TOT) Programs to support local educators at all levels in adapting to the changing demands for students and graduates in the workforce. This includes supplemental coursework in English and German, as well as Computer Science/ITC and Sustainable Resource Management. Spoonbill Nest Innovation Center is recruiting top talent, both within and outside of Albania, to provide seminars specifically designed to enable teachers to apply these skills in their classrooms. Our vision is to build a community of well-trained and informed tourism professionals and educators, fluent in the languages of technology and global business, and able to meet and exceed European and global standards of service.

Spoonbill Nest Innovation Center

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