what we do

building sustainable working communities of the future

Youth for future

Spoonbill Centre students shall receive the opportunity to not only enjoy practical learning by internships in Albanian corporations, but get to know European Standards and be ready for the digitalization and the 4.0 revolution

Future of work

As we are moving so fast in a digitalization world, the world of work is changing too. Increasing productivity through automation will become increasingly important in the future.

Future professions

An introduction to the new professions that are delivered in this new world of work as:

Digitalization access & Technology Integration

Digitalisation is global and it affects every part of our lives. Information and communications technology (ICT) is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity, and we are working to ensure no one is left behind!

Sustainable Tourism

Founded in spirit of Elite Travel Group, we share their focus on sustainability. We aim to make tomorrow slightly better then yesterday and be a source of positivity and inspiration for those seeking tourism as a way to respect the natural beauty and resources of Albania.

Entrepreneurship & Start-ups

Are you working on a business idea and looking for a support? We provide help for new entreprenuers to transform their ideas into a concrete business. Our training, coaching, and mentorship includes project management, human resources, digital marketing, and customer service management.

Culture & Heritage

Protecting our past for future generations by promoting traditional arts and intangible culture.

Sports & Outdoor

Activities to protect healthy living and natural ecosystems.

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