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Posted on 09 Mar 2021


If you attended the 2-nd annual youth conference SpoonbillNest, most likely you noticed that this year’s theme was “Elbasan Digital City 2025”. The topics discussed were Sustainability, Digitalization, Entrepreneurship, Management, and Soft Skills which all contribute to this concept. Of course, the Municipality of Elbasan also presented its vision to create a green and smart city. But what exactly is their agenda?



Elbasan Digital City 2025 is our initiative to create a smart and green city by 2025. Among many projects that we have started working on, we were glad to hear that the municipality, under the leadership of Mayor Gledian Llatja, also has a clear vision for the future and that they are willing to collaborate.

This initiative starts with inclusive education, training, and integration into the labor market. This includes people with disabilities, vulnerable groups, women, and the integration of minorities. Also, as part of the Lifelong Learning framework, Elbasan Digital City will welcome people returning from emigration, those who want to change profession or requalify.

The main goal is to prepare society for the 4th Industrial Revolution. This Revolution will continue even further than what was established in the previous one when technology started to automate certain processes. This means that soon we will have a digital revolution that will affect everything in our lives and especially the way we work. Actually, we have started to feel the impact of technology these past few years and even more during 2020. Suddenly, we are having blurred lines between the digital and the biological.

Therefore, it is crucial to prepare future generations starting now. The municipality’s agenda aims to support youth in order to embrace future developments and innovation. Youth programs take almost 30% of the municipality’s budget, so they intend to invest even more.

More precisely, there is a plan to create a Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO) service center that will accelerate Elbasan’s development and also enrich the youth’s skills. The intention is to do this in line with the 17 United Nations challenges such as creating sustainable cities & communities, promote innovation and economic growth.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Mr. Gledian Llatja`s closure speech on the second annual spoonbillnest conference

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