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Posted on 24 May 2022

Elite Travel Green Destination Coaches & Auditors

Spoonbill Nest Innovation Center Is Now Leading the Way for a Sustainable Society:

Staff Awarded Green Destination Coach to Auditor Certification to Promote Sustainable Management & Greener Tourism in Albania & Kosovo

Spoonbill Nest Innovation Center (SNIC) is a non-profit Centre, focused on education, training, and society building for Albanian youth in the ICT and Tourism sectors. Promoting the concept of sustainability in the tourism sector has a clear goal to push forward innovative ways for a sustainable society.

Spoonbill Nest Innovation Center is a founding member of Balkan Green, and has become the Green Destination Representative for both Albania and Kosovo. SNIC is proud to announce that its two representatives, Terena Cardwell and Ledia Meha, have been awarded Certification as Green Destination Coaches. Ms. Cardwell is a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, with 20 years of experience in travel and tour management.  Ms. Meha recently received her MS in Urban Planning and Management and has several certifications in areas of sustainable management.

Spoonbill Nest’s staff now offers coach & consulting services in English and Albanian, to both tourism-oriented companies and destinations, to help you meet your sustainability goals according to your needs. Services include:

  • Train & coach your sustainability coordinator.
  • Help you create a “Green Team” of staff & stakeholders
  • Assist with reporting and document review
  • Lead events & stakeholder workshops, to get your community engaged.
  • Help you market your accomplishments and share your journey.
  • Network with international tourism organizations to increase your visibility in the global market.


is a non-profit foundation aiming for sustainable destination development and recognition, that offers cities, municipalities, protected areas, and private destinations an opportunity to gain international recognition for their social, economic, and environmental sustainability efforts, through GSTC-accredited certifications and competition in their annual TOP 100 competition!


The GSTC Criteria serve as the global standards for sustainability in travel and tourism. These Criteria are the basis for many certification programs, including Green Destinations and Travelife. They are the result of a worldwide effort to develop a common language about sustainability in tourism, and are arranged in four pillars:


Sustainable management


Socioeconomic impacts


Cultural impacts


Environmental impacts 

(including consumption of resources, reducing pollution, and conserving biodiversity and landscapes)

In the direction of GD Certification, Spoonbill Nest Innovation Center and its coaches have the responsibility to support the development of sustainable management policies and business practices to create strategies that preserve the long-term viability of people, the planet, and profit.

Spoonbill Nest Innovation Center is promoting the concept of Sustainability in Tourism, and Green Destinations, as part of the same goal that is: to meet our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs, by successful management of natural, social, and economic resources.


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