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Posted on 24 Nov 2021


Spoonbill Nest Innovation Center, in conjunction with Elite Travel Group, located in Elbasan, becomes the 1st Green Destination Representative for Albania and Kosovo. Spoonbill Nest Innovation Center has signed a contract with Green Destinations, an international organization dedicated to sustainable tourism development, to become their first independent representative in Albania. Spoonbill Nest will also support destinations in Kosovo that wish to become Green Destinations.

Green Destinations

is a non-profit foundation aiming sustainable destination development and recognition, through a global partnership of representatives to achieve a more decentralized approach towards the same goal, building a sustainable destinations community. Green Destinations offers cities, municipalities, protected areas, and private destinations an opportunity to gain international recognition for their social, economic, and environmental sustainability efforts, through certification and competition in their annual TOP 100 competition.

*for more information about green destinations visit: www.greendestinations.org 

Spoonbill Nest Innovation Center

is a non-profit and VET Centre, focused on education, training and society building for Albanian youth, with a goal of creating a more digital, inclusive, and sustainable society. Working mostly in the IT and tourism sectors, their intention is to enhance practical skills to fill the needs of the labor market and raise awareness among Albanian youth regarding sustainable development, building a society and economy that supports and values the natural environment.

This year, Spoonbill Nest Innovation Center is taking a step forward by becoming a part of this worldwide network of Representatives, promoting the concept of sustainability in the tourism sector by representing Green Destinations in both Albania and Kosovo, and will be approaching new destinations to be a part of the program. Those wishing to find out more about the Green Destinations program should email info@spoonbillnestcenter.org for more information.

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