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Posted on 03 Nov 2020


Online Conference 7-th& 8-th December 2020

Spoonbill Nest

SpoonbillNest Innovation Center, in conjunction with Elite Travel Group, located in Elbasan, to host 2nd Annual SpoonbillNest Youth Conference for Future on December 7th & 8th, in honor of Albanian National Youth Day on December 8th.

SpoonbillNest Innovation Center Project Manager, Terena Cardwell, announced this year’s conference will be an online forum (due to Covid-19) and offer 20 panels & 40 international panelists to promote educational opportunities for youth and vocational programs in the areas of:

• Digitalization & IT

• Sustainability & Sustainable Tourism

• Project & People Management

• Entrepreneurship

“We place a high priority on education and sustainability for our youth and economy”, says Project Manager Cardwell. “We hope to exceed last year’s attendance of over 200. Even though we are moving the conference online, SpoonbillNest will continue the annual tradition of informing and inspiring the youth of Elbasan and beyond about the opportunities for a sustainable future through Education and Training.”

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